Our stencil printers are covering the range from simple to high sophisticated machines. As the SD240 is a step-in model, it’s still an accurate, easy to use stencil printer. The SD360-U is our pride. With his up-down lift mechanism he can be used in situation were high precision is a demand.

  • Common to all our printers is ease placing of a stencil.
  • There is no need for special form factor stencils.
  • Stencils are fixed with clamps which are capable of clamping sheets with a thickness  of 0.05mm.

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Our convection reflow soldering ovens using re-circulated hot air reducing the energy needed to accomplish reflow soldering. Convection heating provides many other advantages over IR heating.

  • Lower solder temperatures
  • No shadowing around components
  • No hot spots
  • No colour sensivity
  • No cold solder joints

The soldering process is controlled by microcontrollers with high sophisticated software giving a temperature control within 2˚C under normal circumstances. Also, operation of the machine is very easy. There are many extra’s.

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In this group you will find usefull tools:

  • For save removal of the flue gases
  • For handling circuit boards in production

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Spidé is a worldwide oriented manufacturer of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production equipment. Spidé is specialized in equipment for prototyping to medium sized production volumes.

Product range

Spide’s product line includes reflow ovens and stencil printers of high quality to obtain an optimal solder result. Ergonomics, easy maintenance and user-friendliness are the basis for our design department.

Service and support

Spidé provide continuity in sales, engineering and support for the life of your system. Our reliability and that of our re-sellers is one reason Spidé has grown so steadily over the years, particularly in global markets, where business relationships require years of commitment.